Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Daughter Moved Out

My darling daughter has moved out of her parents house into a small apartment.  I miss her for many reasons.  She was my clean-up girl.  She did the laundry.  She kept the refrigerator stocked with beer and soda for her father.  I fall down on all these jobs.  Hard to miss her though.  She calls me at least twice a day.  One day she wanted to know what she should wear to the state fair (80* weather).  Another she wanted to let me know she couldn't find her corkscrew she bought and was it in my car?  Do I want to take advantage of her discount????  Of course!

I am trying to clean up the mess that surrounds me.  I am not having success.  One problem is that my husband wants to take the cottage cheese ceiling off and put in wood flooring down.  I haven't put anything in that room except this computer because of that.  I am rapidly changing my mind.  I don't see any of this starting before the middle of August.  So, I am going to stack stuff and occasionally decide what to throw away and have it all done by August 12th.

I did get the 120 flying geese for my Thimbleberries group done.  I have until September to turn them in, but I wanted to get this out of the way.  Next will be the Christmas Joy quilt to be completed.  I had a question and emailed Tracy Souza, the designer, and have gotten no response back.  I am disappointed.  Sigh!!!

Off to make dinner.  Now that the daughter has left the nest, I am the cook again.  That I can still do well....

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