Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getting Ready

I am so excited.  On Friday, I will be going to a quilt retreat.  It is a mini-retreat through my quilt guild.  Every year a bunch of our fellow guild members go up to Zepher Cove for a full week of quilting happiness.
Not all of us are able to afford that--either in money or in time away from work.  So, Natalie got the idea to have this little retreat.  We are going to Auburn to the Mercy Retreat Center--run by the Sister's of Mercy.
From Friday at 2pm until Sunday at noon, we will be in quilting heaven.

I am bringing my red/blue stars, my Linda Ballard quilt, a purse project and a pink and brown quilt.  I am thinking about changing my mind and taking one of the Saturday Square quilts.  This is more than I need to bring.  There are some projects planned to teach us techniques, but I am not sure I care to join in with those.  One big surprise is for my friend Jill.  Just had a thought.  I don't know if Jill reads this, so the surprise will have to wait.  I'll take a picture......

New book I am going to start is a John Grisham--The Litigators

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