Friday, June 22, 2012

 The hand above belongs to my darling daughter.  My friend, Leah, wanted to get a pedicure before she went to Oregon to see her mother-in-law.  How could I refuse her???  
The toes are mine. 
I think I would go back to red the next time.
We brought the darling daughter with us.  She had to get a manicure because she absolutely hates
it when someone touches her feet.  How could that be???
I LOVE having someone massage my feet.  I am so lucky that my husband will do this for me.
The darling daughter got the French manicure, only she has red tips instead of the usual white.

Tomorrow there is a birthday party for Mila.  She is the niece of Adrianna who lives next door.
Mila is turning seven on Tuesday.  I heard Adrianna tell Mila that you only get one birthday--as in one party. Not true here.  
We are making a chocolate cake for her on Tuesday.  The darling daughter is making a bracelet for Mila.
I made her a little purse.  The piece is quilted.  that takes all the time.
Mila can use it to keep her things together--a rock she found, her bracelets.....

Other than that, I have spent the last three days cleaning up after my husband took the cottage cheese ceiling stuff down and repainted everything.  It is very white.  The big thing for him was my magazines.  There were a lot.  He cannot understand why I want to keep every Victoria magazine I have.  I told him that our house would look like those in the magazine if he were dead.  I cannot bear to give up my Mary Engelbriet magazines either.  I have cleaned out a lot of stuff including the magazines.  I have three big boxes of stuff for the next charity who calls--if they call before the 5th of July.  The Veteran people will be by on the 5th.  They send out a card with dates. 

I know this will be shocking, but my husband said to me, "you should make smaller quilts so they are easier to store."  Who is this man I am living with????  I mostly make throw size quilts--not real big at all.  And I give most of my quilts away.  I can't believe I sleep with this virtual stranger.  He does not understand my obsession at all.  No wonder women need girlfriends.  Men!

My son just came over and whispered to me, "Why is the television so loud?"  It is because my lovely husband is deaf.  It is the only explanation I can come up with to explain why he only hears a few words I utter. 

Have a lovely weekend all.  Tomorrow my daughter will turn 25 years old.  She is looking at apartments, making plans to move out.  I am getting older by the day........

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