Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time Got Away From Me....

Darn.  I wanted to post the picture of my embroidery piece, but time got away from me.  I remembered (thank God) that just finishing the tree wasn't enough.  I still had to make the pillow, the gift I am bringing to my Thimbleberrries meeting tonight.  I decided to bring pistachio instant salad for the potluck.  My daughter says it is an old lady food.  The kind of food old ladies bring to potlucks....ha,ha,ha.

As it got to be 10pm (the witching hour for me), I did get a picture, but will have to post tonight or tomorrow if time gets the better of me again.  I confess, this is Wednesday--the night I go next door and drink wine with my friend, Anna.  My daughter is making lil' smokies in pastry dough--pigs in a blanket--for the snack.  I am thinking I won't need a snack.

I am in mourning since my friend has gotten on a plane to Florida for 3 weeks.  :(   My daughter says I will live!

Off to work again.

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