Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Precious Gift

I received the Blue Chair Jam Cookbook by Rachel Saunders as a gift.  A very precious gift.  I have never made jam, but this really makes me want to make it and have biscuits and jam.  The pictures are so beautiful.  Lemons, blueberries, apples.....spoons dripping with jam.  Jam poured into pie crusts.  Yummmm.
I feel so special now.  I love cookbooks.  I love to cook out of them and I love to read them.  All of my best Christmas' involve cookbooks.  The Way to Cook by Julia Child.  The Breakfast Book and the Supper Book by Marion Cunningham.  I love them all.  So thank you to my friend for this very precious gift.

Have a lovely evening......

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