Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So much has been going on

I have been a busy little beaver.  So busy, that I didn't realize that I hadn't talked to my sister in days!  My niece called to ask about figurative language for her book report.  I will have to ask her what her metaphor was.  I can't believe I forgot it!  While we were talking, Juliana told me she was reading at an eleventh grade level.  That is amazing.  I am so darn proud of her.

Friday I went over to Imelda's home for an open house.  Imelda has that decorating gene--as does my friend Kim.  I have no decorating gene.  Imelda's home is decorated from top to bottom.  Her tree is so beautiful I had to sit on her couch and just look at it.  There were Christmas quilts on the walls and lights all over.  The company and the food was good too.

Saturday I went to my guild brunch.  We always change our December meeting because the 4th Thursday lands too close to Christmas.  The food was fantastic.  Gina made these spinach and philo dough appetisers.  She confessed they came from Costco.  Yummmm.  We have secret sisters at my guild.  Mine was Wilma.  I told the students in an English class a funny story about Wilma.  We are supposed to give gifts every other month to our secret sister.  I forgot in August to bring my gift.  I had a gift, but when I arrived at the guild meeting, it was still sitting at home.  I could have driven back home as I am only 10 minutes away, but I couldn't think of a reasonable excuse and a way to not look obvious.  It is supposed to be a secret.  Since Wilma lives close to me, I thought I would jut leave it on her doorstep.  At 9:30pm on a Saturday night, my daughter and I went over and cruised by Wilma's house.  The whole place, which turns out to be a mansion in the midst of a bunch of little houses, was lit up.  Dogs, people.  Wilma is 80+ years old.  Why isn't she in bed like other people her age????  Since I couldn't get close enough to leave my gift without detection, we left.  I tried again on Sunday morning at 6:30am.  The neighbors were up.  What is it with these people?  No one in my neighborhood is up except me!!  I tried two more times.  I drive by there all the time taking my daughter to work, so going by wasn't that difficult.  I eventually just gave up and left her August gift with the one I gave in October.  I began this as Wilma's secret sister and ended up being Wilma's secret stalker!

Later on Saturday I went over to visit with my friend Sandy and we surfed on the internet.  We found the cutest block of the month--Merry Merry Snowmen.  To see it, go to Bunny Hill Designs and click on the name of the pattern.

Sunday I was over at my in-laws quilting a quilt for a retirement gift on the big machine.  I will take a picture and post it later this week.  I am not able to post pictures from here and the binding isn't done yet.

Tonight is pillow making time.  I have a darling little pattern of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and the words joy, hope and peace.  I am bringing it to a gift exchange for tomorrow night.  I want to show it off, so I will take a picture tonight and post a second time.  Look for that.

There was a reason I began this post at work and I have totally lost that ttrain of thought,  We shall see if it comes back to me!  Happens to me all the time.......

Have a great evening.

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