Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hurrah, It's Wednesday

Because I shared that there would be no wine for me last Wednesday, today my sweet girl, Anna, Adrianna and I will be getting together to drink our wine and enjoy appetisers while we watch Criminal Minds. Hurrah!

I was thinking of Joann's Craft Store today.  On Friday, I get to purchase with a 30% discount courtesy of my sweet girl who works there.  I have a list of items I will be wanting.  A while back I went to the Folsom Joann's for their grand opening.  I used a coupon that I had purchased and the clerk did not give my the amount off.  It was a 50% coupon and I was very unhappy since I had paid for the coupon and the item I bought was going towards a charitable item.  I didn't notice this until I was home and the Folsom store is quite a ways away.   When I called, the manager was less than helpful and I ended up demanding my coupon back.  Lena took my name and address and then nothing.  That was 2 months ago.  I have given up on that coupon, but I will not shop there.

I'm back to work now.  Must go read to the children.......

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