Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sarah's Key

Before we went back to school, my sweet girl and I went to the Crest Theatre and saw the movie, Sarah's Key.  It was fantastic.  I saw a preview on television and was instantly interested.  The movie was about a woman who was researching the past of an apartment she and her husband were about to take over in Paris, France.  It turns out the occupants in 1942 were a jewish family and they were brutally forced out of the home and taken to a temporary holding place.  The entire movie is about what happend to the family and the family who movedin after they were gone.

We had such a good time.  The movie, although entirely in French with English subtitles, was very easy to follow.  While it was about the war and the Jewish family, it wasn't the usual fair that shows the Germans as the bad guys.  Here, the bad guys were the French police and the people who allowed this to happen in theiry own country.  It was agonizing waiting to find out if the family had lived and made it through the war and the camps.  Kristin Scott Thomas is the lead character.  She speaks French fluently.
The movie is still playing here.  It is totally worth seeing.

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