Thursday, September 8, 2011

Readers are Leaders

It is so sad that you can't see the quality quilting......ha,ha,ha.  I made this yesterday for our library at the school where I work as an instructional assistant for special education students.  There is a new person in the role of media tech this year.  Everyone keeps telling me how great she is.  Time will tell.  In her favor, she seemed enthusiastic about hanging this "Readers Are Leaders" quilt.  A friend gave me this.  I am pretty sure that she was planning to hang it in her own classroom, but now that she is retired, she is getting rid of that life very quickly.  The whole thing was in pieces and I didn't think it would fair well in the garage sale that is looming.

Among the other things I have done in the past two days, I said the Rosary for my uncle.  My Uncle Richard died last Saturday of cancer.  He had been ill for many years, surviving bouts of cancer.  First he had lymphoma, then prostrate cancer and now it was in his bones.  Not much you can do when it gets in there.  Ironically, the doctors gave him a 48 hour window to live in August.  He hung on for two weeks.  It is always a great sadness when someone dies and it is for Uncle Richard.  On the other hand, he had many more years than he thought he would have and his suffering is over.  Not very comforting to my Aunt or my cousins, but true.  Only we are left behind to suffer and grieve.  Tomorrow is the funeral.  Go tell someone you love them.


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