Monday, September 5, 2011


I decided this morning I would make a Halloween pillow.  I choose a pattern my friend, Jayma, shared with me.  It is a pumpkin with a slightly evil grin.  If you are in doubt about what it is, the word 'pumpkin' is embroidered inside the pumpkin.   The first step is a trip to the store to stock up on embroidery floss.

Since I am using a white with tiny black dots for the embroidered part, I am thinking I will dig into some of that black and white fabric I have from a previous project and use that for the borders.  For a person who hates the color black, I have a lot of it.  When I was doing a Saturday Square for Quilter's Corner last year, I choose the black, white and bright color way.  I was trying to do something outside my box.  Every time I saw a piece of black and white fabric I was uncontrollable.  Had to have it.  Had to buy yards of it!  In fact, that might be my project for today, after I get the pumpkin traced.

Here I go.......

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