Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today was just fun. I went to Bearpaws and Hollyhocks to take a class from Kim. We "made" wreaths--I cut fabric and shopped--and got lots of ideas for other crafts. I was a little obsessive and cut 300 strips when I only needed 180. On one side of the room were all the women I knew. Opposite us was a very nice woman named Anisse (not sure of spelling) and two other women who were together, Susan and Brenda. I think it is funny that all the people who knew each other sat together. There is a class where the children are grouped by ethnicity. All the Hispanic kids sit together, the black kids sit together and the Russian kids sit together. One time the teacher gave them all new seats and she grouped the special ed students together. We go where we are comfortable--we sit with our friends. Adults do it and then we wonder why the kids do it!

Lindy is having a 35% off sale. It was fantastic. I bought some fabric for a Dear Jane quilt. Sammy from my guild is starting a Dear Jane group. On the first night she announced it, Sammy had 15+ sign-ups. It is ideal. We show up at 6pm--just before the guild meeting--on the 4th Thursday. There is no cost (hurrah!!) and we get patterns each month. Notice patterns with an "S". Sammy is so sweet. We start on the 4th Thursday in January. I can't wait!

Later, after the class, we went to the River City Quilter's Guild quilt show. It was smaller than I remembered. There were great vendors. Crazy quilting seems all the rage now. I guess I am not a trend setter, but a trend follower. I am seriously thinking that I will do my crazy quilt in more Victorian colors--using lace, doilies, etc.

I am very tired from all that and am ready for bed at 9pm. I am watching the lovely daughter clean up the kitchen because she doesn't want me to and she is afraid I will if she leaves it until tomorrow. She is probably right. Smart girl.


  1. I had fun today and I'm so glad you and Sandy gave into my pressure to come to the show with me--and vote as I directed! LOL! I'm looking forward to seeing your wreath before long too!

  2. As always, I had a blast with you, Sandy, Gran, Trish and Kim!! Can't wait to see your Dear Jane quilt!! Hugs!