Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving dinner

I just finished reading Kim's Big Quilting Adventure. Kim was describing her thanksgiving dinner. So here is mine:

Turkey--a must. I do not stuff my turkey because of the whole food poisoning issue. I do cook it with lemons, carrots, oranges, celery, etc in the cavity if I have them.

stuffing. I am okay with Stove-top Stuffing, but I really like homemade. I make it if I am the cook, but my mother-in-law makes Stove-top for us who refuse to eat stuffing with oysters--me!

mashed potatoes and gravy. I use golden/yellow potatoes.

sweet potatoes--not the kind with the yucky marshmallow on top. I have a recipe from Bon Appetit` that has a topping of brown sugar, pecans, butter and cornflakes.

cranberry sauce. I make my own. It is really good and so simple. I will serve the canned kind.

green bean supreme. Green beans, cream of mushroom soup and French's onions.
rolls (I make my own of these too--see my earlier post for recipe).

Dessert. I am not partial to pumpkin pie, but it is acceptable. I like apple pie a lot!

Wine. Pinot noir--no white wine for us! We like red. A merlot will do nicely also.


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