Friday, November 5, 2010

Just as I promised last night, here is the picture of one of the squares. It might be hard to discern, but there are 4 hearts that come together to form a star in the middle. The fabric I have for the sashing is black with bits of color in pink, purple and blue. I guess I should have taken a picture of that too. Tomorrow is a new day. I will get it all out again I am sure.

This is a mystery wallhanging designed by Margaret Ward. She has a knack for design. This one is done for the Golden Valley Quilt Guild. We picked up the center block pattern in September. Last month we picked up the first border. I did mine differently because I have directional fabric and I was not getting it to go in the correct direction. Even though I was told that it didn't matter because the fabric together is so busy, still I will know. Therein lies the rub.

Just a bit of literary reference. I went over to a local store, Runs With Scissors, and picked up 3 fat quarters from fabric called Ephemeral Antiquity--pictures, music notes and words all in French. It looked not so busy when I picked the fat quarters out. It isn't anything like I usually sew on. We will pick up the last border at our meeting in November (11-18-10; 7:00pm at St. Marks Lutheran Church on Kingswood Dr in Citrus Heights) and then display our wallhanging in December at our Christmas Brunch meeting.
I have to say, I consider the wallhanging border one for the done column. I am thinking that tomorrow will bring out the 30's quilt and I do want to finish a friendship star that could go for a community service quilt.
Today my daughter tells me how she and her brother had an argument. At the time she was not speaking to him and he not speaking to her. So she tells me this tale of woe that includes hitting one with a towel, throwing things off the table, unkind words and name calling. After the recital of who did what, I said, "so you are saying there was violence (the towel), name calling and lots of unkind behavior, but was there any blood?" When she agreed there was no blood, I declined to get involved! That is the new rule--if there is no blood, I need not trouble myself with their little squabbles!
One last note: I am reading a great book by Cecelia Lamb called Henry's Sisters. It is very interesting. Such really bad stuff happens, so beware. That is where I am off to now, to read on to find out how it ends with Henry's Sisters.

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