Friday, October 22, 2010


Today we made cookies. Really it was my lovely daughter who made the cookies. She made plain chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter chip and her favorite standby cookie--pumpkin chocolate chip. Tomorrow I going to meet with the Redwork Sewciety and I think we will need a bit of sustenance. I will bring coffee because there is never coffee. Not sure why. Could be that Barbara just doesn't feel that she wants to supply us with coffee every month without contribution or it could just be that she doesn't drink coffee. I find it hard to believe that people don't know that coffee is the elixir of life.......

Tomorrow I will drive the daughter to work at 5:45am. I plan to make breakfast around 8am then work on cleaning up more stuff. At 10:00am I go to Redwork group with the cookies. I pick up the daughter from work at 2pm, drive over to BestBuy to try and find a copy of Pleasantville, stop at Barnes & Noble for a calendar and most likely a coffee at Starbucks. A stop at Trader Joe's for baking pumpkins for the soup for our dinner will be next, followed by a stop at Sam's Club for the package of sliced roast beef and Swiss cheese for the sandwiches that will accompany the butternut squash soup. A quick nap and then dinner prep. It will be a busy day. We might even fit in a game of cards with the in-laws. After all that, I intend to spend Sunday sewing!

For those who are wondering why we need a copy of the movie Pleasantville--the lovely daughter has a speech class and her group is using the movie for their next project. They had to choose a movie on communication. Their sceond choice was Mrs. Doubtfire. Now that movie we could find! I can safely tell you that Pleasantville is not at Target or Walmart--both places the daughter choose to check first.

If you are out there, reading this, but not commenting......On Thursday is my guild meeting. We meet at St. Mark's Lutheran Church on Kingswood in Citrus Heights. Our meeting begins at 7pm. This Thursday we will have the Pixel Ladies speaking--landscape and portrait quilts. Very exciting. We would love to have you join us......


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  1. I have heard the Pixel Ladies speak, and they are so talented and inspirational. I hope she brings the quilt she made her father. The story behind the quilt will bring you to tears! You have a busy week plan, have fun! Hugs!