Sunday, October 3, 2010

Friends and Dinner

Yesterday I spent the day with 5 friends. We had a wonderful tea and pastry, then worked together, had lunch and snacks and toddled on home around 6pm. It was so much fun! The chicken and brown rice salad was so good I am making it for dinner tomorrow evening. You can find the recipe at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure (
I always have such a great time when I hang out with them. You have no idea how I look forward to each get-together.

The salad has to be made the night before, so I have been diligently chopping and cooking my chicken, rice, snow peas, green onions and peppers. The recipe calls for red pepper, but I buy a package of small peppers from Costco that come in red, yellow and orange. I choose a variety of colors to give my salad a bit of color. Tomorrow after school I will make the dressing and then we will have this salad with garlic bread. I may make a green salad to go with it for my husband. He may not recognize the rice salad as dinner unless it is accompanied with a green salad--as in three items on the plate.

Have a lovely week if I don't check back soon. Tomorrow night is Dancing With the Stars and I am supporting Jennifer Gray, Florence Henderson and Bristol Palin. Yes, we all know I think her mother is an idiot, but Bristol is cute and I was impressed with how hard she was working. I have to admit that Rick Fox caught my eye.....I may be sending him a vote or two.

Julie :)

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  1. M-m-m that salad sounds good - I am going to have to try it ...