Monday, March 5, 2012

Bathroom Wars

On Saturday morning, my husband couldn't sleep.  He got up and began regrouting the bathroom.  Isn't that what everyone does at 3am???  I am so used to his weird sleeping habits, I no longer even wake up which means he was done by time I wandered out of my room at 7:30am.  We have been married for 27 years as the 23rd of this month.  This is nothing new to me.  My husband has been doing this as long as I have known him.  Knowing that, you wouldn't think that the darling daughter would be surprised.  Nope.  She is surprised every time and she thinks her father is doing this on purpose to torture her.  My only concern was when I could take a shower.  We had plans to go to lunch with friends and I wasn't going without a shower no matter how clean my husband declares I am!!!

After calming down the darling daughter, I asked my husband who long it would be before we could shower.  Well, the grout has to dry and after a lot of questions (how come you have to take so many showers?) he finally says Sunday morning, but he will put up plastic so we don't get the grout wet.  That was great, until he took it down because he thought 4 adults had showered enough. 

It was hell!  Even yesterday the grout was not dry and I could not shower until this morning--plastic up again.
My parents almost divorced when they redid the tile in our bathroom in the house in Concord.  I couldn't understand why there was such a fuss.  Now I know.  It is darn inconvenient to be without a shower.  We only have the one bathroom that has a shower.  The other is a half-bath and it is in the sole possession of my darling husband and I don't like to even step foot in there.  No divorce here (this time), but I can sure understand why that would be an issue!!!!

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