Monday, March 26, 2012

Long Time No Write

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry! 

It is Dancing With the Stars night.  I voted for Gladys Knight.

I have been doing a bit of this and a bit of that.  I went to the quilt show and had a very merry time.  There were some very lovely quilts. 

Funny thing happened.  So far, no one has volunteered for the Block-of-the-Month position at my guild.  I innocently called the soon-to-be-president about something else and she (very nicely and very sneakily) spoke about how we wouldn't have a BOM for the first time ever.  In a moment of weakness I said I would do it if no one volunteered at the upcoming meeting,  The next thing I know I am getting emails from Sharon, who is the current BOM person, thanking me for stepping up.  So, I am the BOM girl.  I have done it before, so it won't be very hard, but hmmmm.  My first square will be Maple Star.  I am thinking of yellows, greens and blues for spring time.  I had time today to think as I watched the kiddies at work and I decided to learn how to put tutorials up on my computer.  So each month there will be a BOM posted after the guild meeting.  We meet the fourth Thursday of each month.  April 26th will be my first BOM posting.

Sorry no pics today.  I lost my pics that I took and was going to put up.  One computer application worked for me.  I learned how to use the Keynote at work.  All the computers at work (except the office computers and that is what I have--a PC) are Apples.  The kids always know what to do (Thank God!), but today the kids were to do a partner project.  This one boy, who I just think is a sweetheart, couldn't find a partner and he asked if I would be his partner.  We worked so well choosing the pics and typing in the facts.  Our project was done by 1:40pm while everyone else was still wasting time.  I told my little friend that he was smart to let me pick the category because I knew lots of facts about the mountain men that weren't even in the book, so he will look good!  The kiddies are studying the march west across the country.

sleep well all.

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