Monday, November 28, 2011

Today I am Old

I just had to laugh today.  This has happened before, but today I know I am old.  The 7th grade class I help out with is beginning to read the Outsiders.  It is a book about two groups (gangs) of kids and things get out of hand, all because of prejudice.

Before the children read the book, there is a keynote presentation about the sixties.  In the room full of students and a teacher, I am the only one who is even remotely old enough to remember the sixties.  This teacher is in her 20's.  She was born sometime in the 80's.  There are pictures of hippies and war protesters, fashions from back then.  The hair styles look like the ones my mother wore.  All of this combines to make me feel my age.

Unfortunately they left out the best parts of the 60's, and I don't mean the death of John Kennedy.   I was just a baby then.  What they don't show is the walk on the moon!

Also today:  who is most influential?
Mozart, Queen Elizabeth I, Jesus, Buddha, Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, or Mohammad?
Most of the students picked Jesus--he is our savior, he died for us, etc.  There were a few who choose Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and Rosa Parks, even one Mozart.  Funny no one picked Buddha, Queen Elizabeth I or Mohammad.  Probably don't know who they are........

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