Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I don't feel so bad now....

I was just replying to Kim on Kim's Big Adventure about her son's pennant. Then I took a look at Gran's blog and found that she hasn't posted since October 1st. She must be really busy.... Then I went to Pam's blog. She hasn't posted since October 11th. I just don't feel that bad about the entire week I didn't share once!

Pam is such a wonderful person. Pam makes me laugh. She is funny and smart.....so smart that she is inspired by ME! One project a week. I was doing so well, then I got sidelined by some not so nice stuff--another post, another time--and I am climbing back on the wagon. I am thinking that my project for this week will be the middle for my Saturday Square in 30's fabrics. I really want to finish this and I need to return the book that is going to be my inspiration. It is a book written by Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith. When I finish it, I am planning on sending a picture. I have to thank Pam for helping me keep on track!

Speaking of Pam--she has two friends with the same last name--me and Colleen. All she needs to do now is find one more person with our last name and she will have a collection. Collections come in 3's. To be the same, this new friend must have our last name and not be related as Colleen and I are not related. Happy hunting Pam!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Rainy Days and Embroidery

Rainy days are just the best--especially if I have no where to go. I listened to the rain and watched one of my favorite movies, While You Where Sleeping. It was wonderful.

On Saturday I went to my embroidery group, the Redsewciety. I had brought cookies--regular chocolate chip and pumpkin chocolate chip. I was completely unaware that we were having a decorated cookie contest. I did win a prize because only two of us brought any cookies at all.

This week I am working on staying happy. I have to confess that I have already failed, but tomorrow is a new day and we can only learn from our failures. Even though I failed somewhat, at the very least I didn't cry at work--which happens everyday, until today. I have only been working on my embroidery as I am cleaning up my kitchen. I am making so much progress. I wish now that I had taken a picture of what a mess I had. Too late now. One funny thing is that my husband caught the bug and he did some cleaning out of the closet that I may have mentioned. I found a bunch of gifts I had planned on giving last year. One was the movie, Gremlins, that I bought. I told that person that I had another gift that I couldn't find and I think she didn't believe me--until today. Today she got a big laugh out of it! It is always good to laugh.

This has nothing to do with anything, but I have been wearing two different earrings. Tomorrow I am wearing silver hoops that I borrowed from the daughter. We shall see if anyone notices.

Have a lovely day tomorrow.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Today we made cookies. Really it was my lovely daughter who made the cookies. She made plain chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter chip and her favorite standby cookie--pumpkin chocolate chip. Tomorrow I going to meet with the Redwork Sewciety and I think we will need a bit of sustenance. I will bring coffee because there is never coffee. Not sure why. Could be that Barbara just doesn't feel that she wants to supply us with coffee every month without contribution or it could just be that she doesn't drink coffee. I find it hard to believe that people don't know that coffee is the elixir of life.......

Tomorrow I will drive the daughter to work at 5:45am. I plan to make breakfast around 8am then work on cleaning up more stuff. At 10:00am I go to Redwork group with the cookies. I pick up the daughter from work at 2pm, drive over to BestBuy to try and find a copy of Pleasantville, stop at Barnes & Noble for a calendar and most likely a coffee at Starbucks. A stop at Trader Joe's for baking pumpkins for the soup for our dinner will be next, followed by a stop at Sam's Club for the package of sliced roast beef and Swiss cheese for the sandwiches that will accompany the butternut squash soup. A quick nap and then dinner prep. It will be a busy day. We might even fit in a game of cards with the in-laws. After all that, I intend to spend Sunday sewing!

For those who are wondering why we need a copy of the movie Pleasantville--the lovely daughter has a speech class and her group is using the movie for their next project. They had to choose a movie on communication. Their sceond choice was Mrs. Doubtfire. Now that movie we could find! I can safely tell you that Pleasantville is not at Target or Walmart--both places the daughter choose to check first.

If you are out there, reading this, but not commenting......On Thursday is my guild meeting. We meet at St. Mark's Lutheran Church on Kingswood in Citrus Heights. Our meeting begins at 7pm. This Thursday we will have the Pixel Ladies speaking--landscape and portrait quilts. Very exciting. We would love to have you join us......


Thursday, October 21, 2010

I know, it has been a while

I knew this would happen eventually. We ran into a problem here. The modem died. It was sad and was not able to be revived. Found out that Surewest uses another modem and I had 2 choices. For my first choice I could "lease" a modem for $5.00/month. Now we all know that means $5.00 plus all taxes. My 2nd choice was to buy one from someplace like Staples or Best Buy. Thinking that I could go and check out any new pens, I called Staples first, but they didn't have a modem that was RCF 1483 capable. I have that imprinted on my memory. I figured buying one was the best way to go. We are now connected again!

We don't even begin to realize how connected we are until it goes away. The modem was a must for us because both of my "children" are in school and some of their courses require homework done on the internet--especially the Statistics class. Very scary!

On Monday, I was at embroidery class. A very bright spot in my week. On Tuesday I was home. Wednesday I was running around after the modem and tonight I had dinner with my in-laws. How does all that wear me out?

Monday, October 11, 2010

My new goal

I am going to finish my projects. All those unfinished projects that linger around for years--I am going to tackle them and take charge. I was hoping to finish one project each week. Yesterday, I finished three projects. Okay, I started with three easy things, but still. Also, I made a decision. I love it when I take charge and make real decisions. I am tired of the rust colors of the Thimbleberries fabrics I have and I am going to use reds and raspberry colors. I am going to use blue. I will finish the quilt and I am not doing the one next year. I will still join the group--love the group--but I hate things about the patterns. I hate trying to decipher what is the correct color. I am tired of seeing right beautiful colors and ending up with rust. I am taking a stand.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Friends and Dinner

Yesterday I spent the day with 5 friends. We had a wonderful tea and pastry, then worked together, had lunch and snacks and toddled on home around 6pm. It was so much fun! The chicken and brown rice salad was so good I am making it for dinner tomorrow evening. You can find the recipe at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure (www.kimsbigquiltingadventure.blogspot.com).
I always have such a great time when I hang out with them. You have no idea how I look forward to each get-together.

The salad has to be made the night before, so I have been diligently chopping and cooking my chicken, rice, snow peas, green onions and peppers. The recipe calls for red pepper, but I buy a package of small peppers from Costco that come in red, yellow and orange. I choose a variety of colors to give my salad a bit of color. Tomorrow after school I will make the dressing and then we will have this salad with garlic bread. I may make a green salad to go with it for my husband. He may not recognize the rice salad as dinner unless it is accompanied with a green salad--as in three items on the plate.

Have a lovely week if I don't check back soon. Tomorrow night is Dancing With the Stars and I am supporting Jennifer Gray, Florence Henderson and Bristol Palin. Yes, we all know I think her mother is an idiot, but Bristol is cute and I was impressed with how hard she was working. I have to admit that Rick Fox caught my eye.....I may be sending him a vote or two.

Julie :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Why oh Why?

Why do I torture myself? I am home today because I had a stomach ache and I am watching an episode of Law & Order that I would have missed if I had been at work. This episode gave me nightmares. So here I am watching it. It was a very good episode. This woman is found to be in a coma induced by a drug NTPT. The person appears to be in a coma, but is really frozen. They are alive under the coma aware of what is going on, just unable to move or "wake up". A real nightmare! It is positively chilling.

While I was on the computer wishing a friend Happy Birthday, even though she is mad at me because she thinks I forgot, I went on Kim's Big Quilting Adventure. She got her flu shot today.
I have never gotten a flu shot. Reason #1: I have been told that it only protects you from previous strains of the flu, not the new ones. Unfortunately, it seems that the flu everyone gets is the new strain--therefore why bother with a flu shot. Reason #2: I haven't had the flu for YEARS. I am totally tempting fate here, but it is true. I wash my hands ALL THE TIME. I am obsessed with hand cleaners. I don't touch children's faces or hands and I take great care that they never touch me. I am also known to be not a hugging type of person, therefore don't have to deal with that too often. Reason #3: I am not in any high risk group of people who we are told need the flu. I would rather my father-in-law get a flu shot than me if there is a a shortage and there always seems to be a shortage. I happen to know of at least 2 people who have died from the flu. Honest-to-God! I know you can die from it if it is bad enough and can die quickly, but again, I try hard to not be sick. I do get colds every year--every season. I eat vegetables and fruits all year. Imagine how surprised I will be if I die from the flu!

I hope I remain healthy and I hope the same for all of us!