Friday, January 25, 2013

It has been a long time

So Sorry!  I can't believe that I have neglected my blog for so long!  I was really ill with a cold that just knocked me out every afternoon and early most evenings.  I have been just moving on as best I could.  I still have this darn cold (yes, I am sure it isn't the flu) and the cough that goes along with it.  I can partially blame that and I confess--I let the "sewing room" become a junk room.  Since my sewing machine is still in the kitchen, I wasn't sewing in my daughter's room, so stuff piled up in there.  That is all over now!

Beginning tonight I am spending 1 hour cleaning, sorting and giving away the junk.  I got a wonderful television for the room and I am going to enlist my son's help in setting it up on the vanity.  I bought a sewing table for the room.   I went on the blog Clover and Violet and saw how the mom had her room set up.  She had this really adorable table--very vintage--that was literally in the middle of the room.  Much in the way my friend, Kim, has hers set up.  I thought, I could do that without any problem.  I went to the Antique Trove and found out that the kind of table I would want might be costly (the one I wanted wasn't even priced yet) and there is the problem about how to deal with it when we have company and must use that room.  Then, later I was at Joann's.  There was a table (not vintage) with drawers that folded up to a small set of drawers when necessary.  The table was $189.00 and 50% off during the sale bringing the price down to $94.99.  On top of that, I would get 25% more bringing the price down to $71.25 because I have a teacher card and it was teacher appreciation weekend.  That seemed like a dream come true for the space. 

I spent the whole day on Sunday at my friend, Sandy's.  Joann's closes at 7pm on Sundays, but lucky for me--the sale and the discounts were good until Monday because it was a holiday!  On Monday I went to Joann's and found not only my table, but the rechargable Ott lights (cost $99.99) were at 50% off.  I called Sandy because she desparately wanted one.  She decided to drive down to me from downtown.  45 minutes later....I bought the table, a pillow form and a rechargable light for $118.00 with a whooping savings of $180!  Afterward, Sandy and I went to Thistle Dew Quilts to check out their wool. They did not have any that wasn't too light or too dark.  I bought a pattern and Sandy bought a pattern and we left.  We stood outside dissecting the store as usual and went our merry ways.

On Tuesday, I get this call from Sandy.  I had dropped my pattern and a construction guy (there is a ton of construction going on there!) returned it to the store.  Since I used Sandy's name to buy it, they were able to trace it to her and I went  and picked it up.  I use her name because I almost never shop there.  The owner was rude to us one time--the very first time we were in there and I am not in a forgiving kind of mood enough to shop there when I get 10% off at Quilter's Corner. 

Whew!  Must go now.  Time for my nap!

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