Sunday, January 6, 2013

Decision Made

I decided to get another "close" fabric.  We will see how "close" it really is when I give the quilt to my friend.  I went to Quilter's Corner today--partly to get the fabric I needed and partly to see the new classes being offered.  There was a meet the teacher day with quilters showing of their class product.  One woman actually glues her fabric to a backing and then quilts tulle to the project.  It is amazing to see what she comes up with, but it isn't my thing at all.  While I was there (with my friend Sandy) Dawn helped with finding a fabric to go with autumn squares--the 2011 Saturday Square sampler squares.  The squares are all in the orange, gold and green families with a healthy bit of purple/maroon. 

While we were there at Quilter's Corner, I asked Nancy if she was at the last Saturday Square meeting.  I said I just loved the blue snowmen that were embroidered and set in a frame.  The woman who had the frame and her mother, who is the embroiderer, were both there and I was able to get the name of the pattern company--Bird Brain.  I continue the search.  I wonder if I have the pattern and only have not imagined it in blue.

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