Thursday, December 20, 2012

If you give a mouse a cookie.....

My friend, Kim, emailed to ask when I would be home because she had a Christmas gift she wanted to drop off.  I said I would be home Wednesday and she could stop by any time.  At the time I didn't give thought to whether I should clean up for her.

Wednesday morning, my dear husband lost his phone book.  Why his phone numbers are not in his phone is a mystery to me, but there it is.  Unfortunately for me, he was convinced that his precious book was lying beneath the mound of clothes that I had on the dining room table.  He eventually went to work without his phone book swearing that it would be a really bad day and I went on my way.  When I got home I had thought about the phone book and decided I would feel very embarrassed if it was indeed under the clothes.  I folded the clothes and not finding the phone book, I went around cleaning up this and that.  I cleaned the sink in the bathroom because I had put new towels in and then I had to dust the shelf because it was right by the sink.  I fluffed pillows and folded blankets.I began at 2:30pm and was sitting down to eat at 6:30pm.  You just can't clean one thing.  We have way too much things to clean.....

In the end, my husband was happy I found his book (in the living room underneath a bit of wrapping paper from a box of Sees candy that he got from a neighbor that he threw on the floor.  I had my dinner (while I listened to my sister chat on the phone to me) and was deciding whether to take my shower at little bit early.  I opted for the shower--I was feeling a little grungy from all that cleaning--and while I was showering, Kim stopped by.  She dropped off the most adorable sheep pillow that has a blanket we will be making each month.  She came and ran and I never got to see her--okay because she isn't feeling well and I do not want to catch it.  I was admiring the pillow and my son comes out and says, "Your friend said to email her.  Is that why you cleaned the house today?" Hmmmmm.  Now why would he ask that???????

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