Monday, November 5, 2012

Why I keep my books.

Let me first say that I just haven't had anything to say in the last couple weeks.  I am kind of falling apart and need to call my doctor toget an appointment--which I will do tomorrow.  Mondays are the worst day to try and call Kaiser for an appointment.  I did something to my elbow and it is driving me crazy.  By the end of the evening, I will be able to lift a coffee cup and not much else.  I am taking advil, but that can't go on forever.  My husband is bugging me to call, but I am so busy and I need a tetnus shot and that always does me in.  So, I have to go when I have no place to be. 

I have read a lot.  I was reading this book about the time Laura Ling and Euna Lee were held in North Korea.  They had gone to China to speak to North Korean Expats who had escaped from the dreaded North Korea.  Everything that written about North Korea made it seem rather bleak.  A guide was hired to take the crew (reporting for Current TV) to the border. He led them on to the ice of the river that separates North Korea from China and they stepped over into North Korea for a minute.  Guards saw them and chased them into China--definitely China--and then dragged Laura Ling and Euna Lee back to North Korea and charged them with spying.  It was very interesting to read.  Laura Ling wrote it with her sister, Lisa Ling (Oprah reporter, National Geographic) and it went back and forth between what was happening to Laura in North Korea and what was being done to bring them back here in the Uninted States. 

Funny thing:  I was watching what apparently was a marathon of the Science channel show, The Universe on Sunday.  There are all these scientists and they are telling us we are doomed--with a joyful smile/grin.  These people seem so darn happy.  Stars exploding--we will be hit with space junk--the world will end--all in five billion years.  I guess that it is so far off allows them to be so darn happy, but really.

Friday I took the day off and went up to Apple Hill with my friends (Sandy, Irene and Shirley).  We stopped at the quilt store, Shared Stitches on the way up.  One woman in there was so entusiastic and so freindly she wore me out.  We had lunch at some little cafe.  Good hamburger--mushrooms, avacado, bacon.  We ate pie, bought apples and ktichen gadgets.  I found these sauces--habanero hot sauce and a vadalia onion/jalepeno hot sauce.  Yummm.  I brought them home to my son. He was so happy!

So that is it for the moment.  I'm off to eat my lunch.  Hurrah!

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