Friday, November 23, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving to all.  We had a wonderful day visiting friends and seeing family.  My son and I went over to pick up my darling daughter at noon.  We stopped off at Grandma's to drop off the cranberry sauce the daughter made from scratch (it was yummy).  After a short visit with the in-laws, the three of us drove another five minutes to our destination-Noel and Lisa's.  My husband and our friend Paul went over in Paul's car.  Every year (except 2011), Noel and Lisa host a Thanksgiving open house.  In years past there have been people all over the place and crafts for the children.  Noel always had a place set up for different kinds of alcohol.  We always brought beer for Tom.  The food is always fabulous.  Lisa frequently wins ribbons at the state fair.

                                                             Thanksgiving 2012    
                                      Red Cabbage, Blue Cheese and Walnut Empanadas
                                                         Feta Walnut Date Cigars
                                     Virginia Ham & Melon Apple Chutney on Corn Bread

                                                        Roast Turkey and Gravy
                                                     Chorizo Corn Bread Stuffing
                                    Roasted Cranberry Sauce with Herbed Candied Walnuts
                                                      Herbed Rosti Potato Cake
                                        Molasses Horseradish Sweet Potato Spears
                                                   Crispy Cauliflower with Capers
                                           Haricots Verts, Roasted fennel and Shallots

                                          Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce
                                                          Frozen Vanilla Custard
                                                        Pecan Chocolate Chip Pie

It was absolutely delicious!   Before we actually ate this fabulous food, Noel tells me that there are cokes in an ice chest outside on the patio.  Someone had a coke in their hand and they were these small cans--perfect for me.  I love the taste of coke and the carbonation, but I can only drink about 1/2 can.  So, I go outside, get my coke and tripped on the step going back in the house.  Thankfully, I only skinned one knee, have bruises on my foot and a bump and bruise on my leg.  And, I only spilled a few drops of the coke I held in my hand.

Later I went over to my in-laws where we had dinner with Mary, Gary, David, Terry, Clare, Marilyn, Greg, Stefane, Tom, Amanda, Dan, Janice, Tim, Sarah, Jacob, Arlene, Zach, Alisha, Poli, Donny, Paul and Katherine.  Can you say that in one breath???  I brought a strawberry pretzel salad that was eaten up (my son was so sad that there wasn't any left for breakfast).  No recipe until I make it again (so someone can have it for breakfast) and try a small change.  The turkey was perfect.  There was good dressing and that awful oyster dressing, mashed potatoes, two kinds of sweet potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce, broccoli salad, rolls and beans.  It was unbelievably great.  Arlene always makes the desserts--pecan pie, pumpkin pie, lemon cake, strawberry and chocolate pie and an apple cranberry pie.  Janice brought a pecan pie too.  No one went home hungry.

I hope your day was as nice as mine!


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