Friday, November 23, 2012

Books, Books

 Note from me:  I wondered why my last post was Nov 7th.  I knew there was more.  Found this in my drafts file.  I did sew--worked on a blue and white quilt for a friend.  More about that later......

Last night as I was waiting for my husband to get home so I could give him dinner, I was watching Diane Sawyer on the news program she does at 5:30pm here (channel 10).  There is an organization called First Book where books are given to children who wouldn't otherwise have a book.  The poor among us.  So, last night they gave away the 1 millionth book.  This brought up something that happened that I have not forgotten.  In 1996 my parents died.  My sister and I split the books since my brothers didn't care to have any of them.  I put aside a pile for my nephew, some to take for my children and then there were some (signed by the author many of them) that were duplicates.  My mom and I often bought the same books and went to author signings together.  I brought the books home and called an organization here that collects toys for foster children.  They refused the books.  Books that were virtually brand new and signed.  Books that were by talented and creative people.  What they told me is that (and I am quoting here), "Books are not toys."  No, they are not toys.  Books are so much more.  I was a donor until that moment.  Never again.  It was extremely rude to tell me books aren't toys when there wasn't a birthday, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's day, any holiday that didn't include a book in my family.  Books were prized possessions.   Give a child a toy and they can play for a while.  Give them a book and you give them the world.  

Other notes:  tonight is the Friday Night sew--

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