Friday, July 16, 2010

Only the tough play footbal

From this point on, I may not be able to tell my sister-in-law (who I dearly love) about this blog. This morning she calls to tell me she just spent the last two days in the Emergency Room with my nephew because he got hurt playing football--or so she thought. First a little background. My nephew is not a big kid, a little heavy weight wise, but pretty normal for an incoming high school freshman. Sometime last year the coach for the private school in Modesto, CA runs into my brother-in-law and they chat. My brother-in-law played football in high school (20 years ago!!) and based upon that chance meeting and not even meeting my nephew, there were negoiations about getting my nephew to play for them. Since none in our family can afford Catholic high school and no financial help was forthcoming, my nephew is playing for the local public school (the rival for Modesto Christian). Now, you might think he was on the freshman football team. Not this kid. His parents are okay with his playing on the varsity team....After a few practices, my nephew gets hurt and here we are.....

There was the visit to the pediatrician who, upon hearing the details thought he might have a spinal injury or a broken rib, called 911 to transport him across the street from his office to the hospital. After tests and more tests, the doctor finds nothing and sends my nephew home. One of his other symptoms was a headache, but still nothing.

The next morning my nephew is throwing up and he is complaining that his head is going to explode. The pediatrician calls to check on him, asking specifically about his head and off they go back to the emergency room. More time, more tests and the only thing that can be found is that he might have a mild concussion and he hyper-extended his back. As they are headed out the door, my brother-in-law calls and tells my sister-in-law that he was throwing up too and his doctor diagnosed the flu. So guess what my nephew has????

Now I hear my nephew is not going to be playing football. He is really smart and is part of the IB program anyhow. Now his brains will have to get him into college. Good thing he is going with his brains because his mother has chosen his new sport. She wants him to take up golf. After all, golf is a non-contact sport and no one gets hurt playing golf.....

I wonder what they thought playing serious high school football woudl be like???


  1. OMG, Julie/Julia, your poor nephew, but I am not surprised about the coach. My hubby was a Baseball coach for Servite in Anaheim, Ca., and we are all too well very knowledgeable about the recuiting that goes on. That coach should have been more responsible, and should also receive some type of action from the school he is employed at. He put them in a very scary situation! Hope all goes well, and I hope to see ya Monday at Knot-y Ladies.



  2. Shish - a freshman against seniors! How is your nephew now? Golf sounds good to me too.....