Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Books I am reading.....

Books I am reading

Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo
Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell
Hour Game by David Baldacci

I spend a great deal of time reading. When my darling daughter was in kindergarten she was having trouble writing her entire name. According to the rules, you could only check a book out of the library if you mastered your name. Since she had a longish name, it was taking her a while. One day she came home and cried because everyone else had been able to check out a book. I went back to school and chatted with Mrs. Britt, her teacher and requested, quite nicely, that my daughter be allowed to check out books too--after all I would take full responsibility for the books. Oh no! That just couldn't happen. I went to the principal. He supported the teacher, who shared with me that some kids just shorten their names, like Edward. He only had to write Ed. It was suggested that we let her write Amy. Her name is NOT Amy. I finally wrote an impassioned letter to the school board, noting that reading was like breathing in my eyes. Amazingly enough, my darling daughter was checking out books right away. This wasn't the school's only misstep with my darling daughter. They tested her for special education without my permission. They decided, also without my permission, to let her do less than everyone else because she was just "so young" and then told me she couldn't go to first grade, after they told me she would never catch on to reading. I insisted she go to first grade and they sent her home one afternoon with a playmate and couldn't tell me who that was. I had to call the police to get them to help me cause I was too emotional for them to deal with. We moved her to Holy Family the next day. The first thing I heard from that school was how impressed they were with how well my daughter read. Turns out she is like her mother--not very good with phonics, but reads well anyhow.

He who loves a book shall never want!


  1. Oh how I love your blog! I am telling ya, you need to write a book!!! Then we can have a book signing at BP&HH!!!



  2. Oh, the joys of motherhood. Your daughter is fortunate to have a mother who understands and stood up for her. Read on.