Saturday, July 17, 2010

Goals for July and August

I am so excited to be a part of the Charming Quilt Girls group. The first item is to post my goals for July and August. My goals are simple.

1. Body: drink more water, walk more often and watch my portions when I eat.
2. Spirit: be more forgiving, sit outside every morning and re-read Jane Eyre.
3. Quilting: finish one UFO--a Saturday Square Project, get a group of friends together and
last, I want to remember to blog at least three times per week.

I thought back over the first goals--body. I am doing all of those. So already I feel good about myself. The others I will work on. I love sitting outside in the morning and I just have to give up a few extra minutes of sleep to do this. Today it is really hot out and I am wondering why "drink more margaritas" is not on my goal list!!!! I am serious about the Saturday Square projects. I want to finish just one!!! I have 3 that are as yet undone. That doesn't count all the others, but if I finish just one.........

In the finished column I can put my curtains for my room. I used a muted pink color that is in my quilt on the bed and put them up last night. I was surprised at how dark the room is now. No moonlight. Very different. I was quite pleased with myself of getting this done--after I procrastinated for about a year--until I woke up this morning and there was this eery, slightly creepy pink glow all over--and where did my morning light go??? I might have to run out to the store and check out cream colored sheers. We will see how fast I get used to the pink glow.

I also went to my guild embroidery group--The Red Thread Society. I also belong to the Knot-y Embroidery ladies through a local quilt shop--Bearpaws and Hollyhocks in Sacramento. Today was the Red Thread Society. We are doing a round robin. All participants were to show up with an embroidered piece not more than 15 x 15" square. I got my first piece today and it is a Christmas piece. Barbara embroidered a Santa on red fabric. I thought immediately of my guardian angels redwork pattern by BirdBrain Designs ( I am going to embroider 4 angels for the four corners and then do a pieced checkerboard in green and cream. I am thinking of doing the angels in green, as in "green work".

Now, I'm off to work on that UFO. I think I will choose the Saturday Square "24"--probably so named because there were 24 squares we had to make...2 per month, The quilt has a total of 48 squares and a couple of borders. I saw the quilt on the wall at the store and the fabric spoke to me. I begged Lindy, store owner, to let me in and she gave me a spot for soeone who had just dropped. It was fate. I had to catch up, but I did and now I have fallen down in putting it together. We made our last squares in March and here it is July! It could be my first try at putting pictures up. Just think of all the skills I am gaining! Until we meet again.......


  1. Julie,I'm so happy you now have a blog!!
    Today is Sunday we just arrived from
    Escondido Ca. had a great time,visited
    a couple of quilt shops of course,I missed
    all of you last Wednesday.

    Hope to see you soon,


  2. Love how you broke up your goals. Good luck! A fellow Charming Girls Quilt group member.

  3. I can relate to your goals. I am working on mine too....
    The club is going to be good!