Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I Know It Has Been a Really Long Time

Wow! I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. During that time I have gone to two quilting retreats. In October I went to Lake Tahoe here in California. We went to this fabulous house that is totally set up for quilting. There are quilts hung everywhere and shelves of quilting books. There were eight of us and we quilted, ate and went on two field trips: one to this sweet little shop in South Lake Tahoe (the California part of Lake Tahoe) and to The Quilt House in Gardnerville, Nevada. I bought a bunch of fabric and we got a discount from the Quilt House because we were a group. It pays to share that kind of information. The first weekend in February I went with some friends to the Folsom Quilt Show here in Folsom, CA and the one disappointment was the Quilt House. They had a quilt displayed that was so cute and all the kits sold out. There wasn't even a prayer to go home and buy one online. All the fabrics were gone--Sarah's Collection by Red Rooster from some time back. I think they should have taken the quilt down. It only bred unhappiness--at least for me and my friend Irene. Why advertise a quilt we can't possibly make? Not even a pattern available. Other than that, the quilt show as fun and there were several quilts I liked and some really great venders. I always find something from Reets Rag to Stitches. The second quilting retreat was with a friend who was house sitting in Cool, CA. There is this exclusive gated community there and we (me, Jayma, Valerie and Natalie) spent four days just doing nothing else except quilting. There wasn't even a field trip--just the loveliness of Maryann's house while she was in Mexico. We all finished at least one project! Always good. I'm off to bed now. 4:45am is coming every soon. Have to get up to make breakfast and lunch for my husband. I do get to go back to bed this week because we are off for the President's holiday. hugs to all, Julie

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