Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Home is where......

Home is where even the tea kettle sings from happiness. (Susan Branch) I was just reading Susan Branch's blog and was marveling at the snow....the cold....the beauty of winter. Here it is a balmy 65 degrees and not at all like winter. I really miss winter where you could snuggle up together and sip hot chocolate while it was ever so cold outside. It never snows here, but we get rain and fog--lots of fog. I am out of control here with buying up things from Valentine's Day at 50% off. I bought these buckets for holding the gifts for my circle of friends. I also bought buckets for gifts for my Thursday night group when we go to Auburn on a quilting retreat. It will be our 4th retreat. I bought five buckets because of course there are six of us who meet. I was feeling so pleased with myself on Sunday. So here it is Tuesday afternoon and I realize that this year Gina will be coming on the retreat too and that makes six--not five. Panic!!!! I ran over to the store to see if by a miracle there were still baskets and there were, only not as many as on Sunday. Apparently, I am not the only insane person. If my husband only knew. He doesn't appreciate the beauty of thinking ahead for this kind of thing. He has a point when he says I will forget I have it and then go buy more when I need it. I does happen. This time my gift is a pattern that is literally a square in a square making a 15-inch table topper. I am going to put in the fabric--3 fat quarters and them a few odds and ends to fill it it out. I have 4-inch pens and sticky notes. They come in so handy when you need to jot down a note and there is nothing to write on except your pattern. Speaking of patterns...I like to make copies of my patterns before I start a project so I can make notes and then add the really good ideas to my original pattern, discarding the bad ideas so no one ever knows I had them. This meant a trip to Office Depot. I tried Staples the other day, but they have the color machine on the fritz--out of order-- and won't say when it would be fixed. The copy girl told me it has been broken for a month. Come to find out the color copies are 5 cents cheaper at Office Depot. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk Staples. Shouldn't let me get happy somewhere else.... Have a great evening. A new Fixer Upper on HGTV at 9pm. Looking forward to it. Julie

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