Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Flying Geese Project

Just when you start getting compliments on your work; just when you begin to think you are pretty darn good at something; are you ready for what I screwed up???? Seriously, I am getting compliments. I am pretty darn good at this, but I still make mistakes. I am not Mary Poppins...although that could be fun. I made 120 flying geese for a Thimbleberries group project. If you made the required number of flying geese, Pam gave us two pieces of Thimbleberries fabric from the shop. We picked our own colors. It was fun. When I began putting it all together, I found that my color choices weren't what I had in mind now. SO, I put the fabric I received free aside and got something from my stash to use as "sashing". Now it is not the usual rectangle. The rectangle is sideways. And, most important, it is too big on one side--like 2 inches. I am going to have to figure this out. I'm sure it naver happens to others--only to me. (SIGH). Unfortunately, I know where I went wrong. It is my own fault, but I am sure I can fix it so no one will know. It will be our little secret.......

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