Thursday, May 23, 2013

Everyday I fuss and fume because my fabric is in such disarray.  I so want to make this quilt with a white background featuring 9-patches and square in a square using my left over brights from the Saturday square quilt I am finishing up. 

More fussing:  I am finding that I started a lot of things this month, but have not finished any to show on Saturday at the Saturday Square class!  I can't belive I have NOTHING!

I began two embroidery projects this week.  There is very little time left at school this year, so there should be down time when I can embroider.  Aha!  There is my problem.  I start things, but do I finish them?????

Yesterday a student had two packages of gum.  A classmate asked for a piece and she threw it across the room.  This prompted me to take her gum away.  I put it on my desk and forgot about it because she fell asleep in her next class and went home after she woke up complaining of a tooth ache.  This morning she sent her friend to ask me for the gum.  I told the friend she couldn't have it.  I never said I wouldn't give it back to the student it belongs to, but I think she should have to ask herself.  She has 8 days to ask..........

I am mkaing a pear tart to take tonight when I go sew with three friends.  It is really delicious.  I only need pears and pie crust.  So off to the store I go....

I told a kid that he was such a boy and he turned around and said, "Im not a boy, I'm a man."  He's a boy.

Have a lovely afternoon,

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