Sunday, July 28, 2013

Saturday Night

What to do on a Saturday night?  Catch up on my blog.

Under the finished catagory
    blue and white "Too Colors, Too Easy":  finished the top on Friday!  Hurrah. Finally Done.   The finished top is 92.5 by 112.5 inches.
    Snowman pillow:  the pattern and kit was a gift from my friend Imelda.  She finished hers and I felt bad that mine was still sitting in the original packaging, so there you have it.
    embroidered Thimbleberries pattern made into a pillow:  pattern and embroidery thread given as gift to club members by Pam of Quilter's Corner, my local quilt shop.
    embroidered Thimbleberries quilt from 2012:  Aunt Arlene called and said I could bring a quilt over to quilt on the long-arm machine.  I had to be there by 7am because we were in the middle of a heat wave and it gets really hot where the machine is.  I got there at 6:50am after telling my husband that I would be home around 10am.  Aunt Arlene ironed the backing.  We walked across the street to where the machine is.  We quilted it and were finished in time for me to attend mass with my in-laws, go out to breakfast and stop at a lighting store to look at a possible new light for my in-laws dining room.  I was home by 10am!
    binding for hand quilted pieces:  I have taken three hand quilting classes and I have hated every one of them equally.  It isn't the teacher, I just hate hand quilting.  I had two pieces that were just lying around being moved here and there over the past years and I noticed the oldest one was getting straggly at the edges; the binding was beginning to come apart.  Brilliant idea!  put binding on them to stop the progression of age.  I bound the oldest one and all was well.  When I started binding the green piece, I found that the blue markings were still on it.  I am here to attest to the truth that the blue markings do not come off all the way after three years.  Now both pieces are bound.  Is anyone wondering why only two pieces when I distinctly said I took three classes???   The truth there is that the second class was the Aunt Becky method of hand quilting.  I still have the tools, but hated that method so much that I threw the piece in the trash because there was no way I was ever going to finish that nasty thing......
    Black White and Bright:  block of the month/Saturday Square from Quilter's Corner--2011.   Have only the top finished.  Next quilt to be done when Aunt Arlene calls again.

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