Thursday, May 13, 2010

Max the cat and other things.

I am Julie, a quilter, reader, cook and scrapbooker. I confess that I have an easier time getting stuff out to sew with, so scrapbooking tends to be on the outside much of the time. I have so many projects just like everyone else. So little time and so many quilts.

Today, I am not quilting anything. I have this fabulous cat, Max, who seems to weight a thousand pounds, but in reality probably only weighs 40 pounds and I was holding him to save him from the dog, Hunter, an 80 pound yellow lab. Since Max is so big and I wasn't used to holding something that size, I think I pulled a muscle. He is a really big cat. I didn't make him into a really big cat and he doesn't appear so, but he is. He must have the heaviest kitty bones ever. Max was a rescue cat. One of those rescue cats who isn't supposed to be let out of the house. I was once turned down in a 3 page email by one of those organizations. So, here is this cat who is supposed to spend his days languishing inside where he is protected from all the bad things outside--fast cars, dogs, etc. Unfortunately for Max, he was rescued by a cousin who, did this with good intentions, until Max began destroying the couch. Out the door he went in short order. And there he stayed. One day the neighbor began complaining about Max destroying his yard. No love lost there. Things got so bad that the cousin began looking for someone to take Max off his hands. Here we come, ready to welcome cat number 2 (we already have Snickers). Max joined our family the week before Thanksgiving in 2009. For all the badness that seemed to happen in Gold River, did not happen here in Citrus Heights. Max has been a fabulous cat. Very low maintence--only requires being fed about 4-5 times a day. He is a REALLY hungry cat.

Tomorrow, I will stop being a baby about my arm, take an advil (which I have been doing to go to work) and get my act together and get busy. I think I will get busy on that darn Kaye England quilt from last year. I could let it go and then 5 or 6 years later say how it took me all that time, or I could put it together and send it off to some deserving person. I am going to be learning so much here--like how to put up a picture.

So, here I begin.

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  1. Holy Moly - I had no idea you started blogging back in May!!